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What is the Newport Bermuda Race

The first Bermuda Race was run in 1906 starting from Gravesend Bay, NY with three starters and was competed intermittently until 1926 when a regular schedule of holding the race in even years began.

That schedule has continued to the present except for a hiatus during the WWII. Beginning with the 1923 event the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club hosted the finish and festivities after the race.

The Cruising Club of America has sponsored it in conjunction with the RBYC since 1926. In 1936 the start was moved to Newport, Rhode Island. Over the years the CCA worked with many groups to develop the rating rules that the race was sailed under.

Today the Newport Bermuda race stands as a pinnacle in ocean racing. The 100th anniversary of the competition will be in 2006.

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