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Photo credits: Barry Pickthall/PPL
~Click to enlarge photos of Team Wave accepting their awards - June 24, 2006 Bermuda

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~Scuttlebutt - June 2120 Issue "Old Boats Rule"

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June 22, 2006 Bermuda - TEAM WAVE WINS 100TH ANNIVERSARY NEWPORT to BERMUDA RACE!!!!! By Val Doan

Team Wave is still on cloud nine after winning not only their class (Cruiser Division, Class 13), but also the entire Cruising Division and beating, on corrected time, 14 out of 17 classes. Synergy is in the top 20, possibly the 12th finisher out of 265 boats. Not bad for a bunch of girls! The awards ceremony is on Friday afternoon June 23rd. On Saturday, 1st place winners of divisions go to the Governors mansion in Bermuda to receive their big awards presented by Princess Anne in which the crew will also be presented with the Navigators Award.

"We smoked the fleet as I wrote in the earlier update. But we had no idea of our standings, because the iboat tracker transponder onboard didn't work. We set off with just 1 satellite geothermal photo of the gulf stream, and a 4 day forcast. I tuned into Herb, and the committee broadcast Commander Weather, which was not spot-on like Herb! We didn't have the technology on board for downloading info, and were sailing our own race. I think that was a big plus in the end after hearing other boats with tracker having all of a sudden 8 opinions on board-all different, causing dissention amongst the ranks.

"My girls were awesome, and all became very proficient at keeping this heavy old girl-(the boat, I mean) moving. We were mostly racing in 4-5 knots of wind, and sometimes, none-millpond flat. But frustration levels were kept at bay, and we would ask the wind gods to help, and they did. Except for the 100 mile beat to weather at the end in 5-7 knots of breeze. finished off by a squall just as we were on the last tack to the finish. It was the first time I wore my foul weather jacket the whole race! A rainbow followed, and made us smile. We raced in class 13, which is a lucky # for both Lea and I. It also helped that we were rated for jib and main and not spinnaker, because in the end, we would have used it for a very short couple of periods, but suffered the whole race with a tougher handicap. We flew the big #1 from 12 hours after the start until the finish."
Monday June 19, 2006 - Synergy in Scuttlebut
The Newport Bermuda Race is covered in, New Englands premier yacht racing news site, with photos by Cory Silken. To see photo of Synergy at the start, click here.
Sunday June 18, 2006, 1:30pm EST Aboard Synergy
- "We are doing well and going fast again, 200 miles in the 1st 24 hrs, the second 24 were much slower due to no wind, but we are very happy with our crew work and the boat's performance. Apparently the race committee is having trouble with many transponders and we are not coming up on iboattracking, so I guess we must be patient while they work out the bugs. We are just exiting the gulf stream and into the cold eddy ar 36 54N and 68 35W, and will stay to the west of the cold eddy to catch the sling shot effect down, before heading more SE. We have a few boats around us, but it is amazing how quickly everyone disperses. The first night was gorgeous with a city of lights around us, 65 boats that we counted, and it was like catching fireflies as a kid. All the crew take a 1 hour shift at the wheel, then rotate to trim, and we did a few headsail changes in the middle of the night that went flawlessly, so we are very happy with team work. After the pressure cooker of getting ready before the race, this is pure bliss to be out here in such terrific conditions, even though it is a little light." Val Doan, Navigator
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Friday, June 16, 2006
First warning at 12:50 hrs

The starting area will be roughly between Castle Hill Lighthouse and Beavertail Lighthouse at the Mouth of Narragansett Bay, Newport Rhode Island

The finish Line is 635 miles SSE off of St David's Lighthouse, Bermuda
June 12, 2006 Newport, RI
- Team Wave hosts a Fund Raiser and Auction on June 14th. To see what's for auction or make an email bid, click here.
May 4, 2006 Antigua - Click here for recent photos.
May 3, 2006 Antigua - Look for photos of all the action by Tim Wright, Just follow these instructions:
- Click on the link below
- Select Antigua Sailing Week 2006
- Scroll down to SYNERGY to see photos
April 29, 2006 Antigua - TEAM WAVE is covered in Antigua Sun Newspaper: All female crew compete in Rolex Antigua Sailing week...READ MORE >
April 2, 2006 St. Maarten/St. Martin - Budget Marine sponsors TEAM WAVE. Team Wave is Women Against Violence Everywhere, a crew of all female seasoned sailors who will be racing in the 100th anniversary of the Newport Bermuda Race...READ MORE >
March 27, 2006 - Team WAVE will be competing for the cause in the 100th Anniversary of the Newport-Bermuda Race on June 16th 2006. Our vision is to win our division while steadfastly adhering to our mission of raising awareness to help make a difference in the fight to stop domestic violence globally. READ MORE >

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